The One True God

February 5, 2023
In 1 Kings, Elijah confronts king Ahab about idolatry, and then, seemingly up against the odds, Elijah prays to God to demonstrate his sovereignty over Baal.

The Holiness of God

January 22, 2023
Isaiah has a vision, and in his vision, he sees the holiness of God. The holiness of God has ramifications displayed at the cross of Jesus.
The American culture has become increasingly hostile to Christianity. However, Christians have every reason to hope because of Christ. In this sermon, listen to a specific diagnosis of culture, along with the solution from Colossians 2.


November 27, 2022
Beware of false prophets (and teachers)! In this sermon, warning signs are identified, and practical ways are given to ensure the local church leader does not become a false prophet and teacher.