The book of Esther is a sobering reminder that there is a battle between good and evil in this world, and sometimes the faces of evil are those in authority. But here is the deal. Even though you have earthly authorities - good and bad - there is One who has ultimate power over this world and the entire universe!
On what other basis do Mordecai and Esther have to believe the Jews will not be wiped off the planet? A hunch? A false hope? Or is Mordecai and Esther remembering the faithfulness of God?
The Book of Esther is not what you think. When some people think about the Book of Esther the Book of Ruth comes to mind. Both are named after women. And both are in the Old Testament. But that is where the comparison ends. Ruth is a story of sacrifice, loyalty, and love. There are plenty of Christological connections in Ruth. In contrast, Esther is dark. There is heavy drinking, sexual immorality, and a genocidal plot. God is never mentioned in Esther. Yet, Esther is unlike any other book in the entire Bible, because the providential hand of God is at work.
Christian, you are redeemed. But what does it mean for you to apply your redemption? Ephesians 1:13-14 charts the path forward.
The 2nd Advent. The present reality of Jesus sitting at the right hand of Father. The Ascension of Christ. The resurrection of Christ. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ. And the perfect life of Christ could have only taken place if God chose to make himself known through the birth of Jesus Christ.

Out of Egypt

December 12, 2021
Three words from Matthew 2:15 trace the birth and early life of Jesus back to Israel's exodus from Egypt. The words "out of Egypt" also reference the spiritual exodus Jesus offers to those who believe in the incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ. Take a listen to this Advent sermon to hear how the Son of God, came out of Egypt to redeem.
The star in the sky did not rise for Herod but another king. This astrological sign, along with a prophetic word from Micah, confirms the work of God in history. These signs point to a king born to reign.