Life Together

Community Groups

Community Groups at Redemption Hill Church center on three important aspects of the Christian life: We are committed to studying the Bible, praying to God, and living transparent and connected lives with one another. All of this is called Christian discipleship. In our Community Groups, friendships are cultivated, and new friends are always invited to discover what makes our Community Groups unique. 

At present, we have groups that meet on Sundays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Click here to find a Community Group that fits you.

In addition to “full groups” deep personal growth also happens when members of a Community Group meet in smaller groups with people of the same gender. These groups also meet regularly to practice care and discipleship through a few simple, intentional rhythms. These groups meet at least once a month. 


Current Events

In addition to Community Groups, other current events are going on at Redemption Hill Church. You are welcome to check them out and join!