Civility in a Crooked Generation

Why can people, and even Christians, be so mean to one another? How can we deal with mean people?

How can we be bold proponents of truth while displaying the gentleness of Christ?

In this episode, we look at Ephesians 4:32 – 5:1 and discuss kindness among the brethren. How are we united in purpose? How can we disagree well?

Expository Preaching for the Soul

Let’s talk about preaching. Preaching is a pastoral tool used to care for the souls of those in God’s flock. It’s important to let God speak. But why?

  • How can we best do that when we get behind the pulpit?
  • Why and when should you preach a topical sermon?
  • How can we do that biblically?
  • Why do we preach at all?

The bottom line: If you want your congregation to be spiritually healthy, they need to be in the Word.