Jesus says that Christians should not be hypocrites. In doing so, Jesus points out giving and prayer. To learn more, listen to the latest from the sermon series on the Sermon on the Mount. This sermon is from Matthew 6:1-6.
Turn the other cheek. Give away your coat. And go the extra mile. What do these phrases have to do with the Christian faith? Listen to this sermon from Matthew 5:38-42 to learn more.
Just like the topic of the Lord’s Table, the subject of baptism can spark debate between denominations, churches, and friends. The oversimplification of the debate is this: is baptism conferred after a child is born, or is baptism for a person who has first made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ? Does the Bible affirm paedobaptism or credobaptism? In this sermon, I attempt to answer the questions.
The Bible is amazingly practical, especially the Sermon on the Mount. In this sermon, learn from the words of Christ from Matthew 5:21-26. How can you deal with anger? And what steps should you take when you know you have sinned against a friend?
Jesus says, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." But what does it look like to receive a pure heart? And what does it look like to maintain a pure heart? The answers are the key to seeing God.
The Creator of the universe, the Savior of sinners, the Lord of heaven and earth, rides to his death on the humblest of animals and is described as humble and meek. Of all the adjectives that could be used to describe our Lord, he is described as humble, gentle, and meek.
Tychicus is not a celebrity apostle or pastor, but he is a guy coming off the bench. You may have never heard of him, but he is the reason why the Ephesian church can read Paul’s essential words. Tychicus is the reason why we still have these words. He doesn’t have a Youtube channel or Twitter account. But his friendship with Paul and faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ cannot be measured with a human metric.
When you are a slave to Christ, you have lasting freedom. Therefore, in all situations, at all times, God calls his people to serve Him and Him alone.