Redemption Hill

(Updated 09/12/2022)  



Together for Good Volunteer Training

If you would like to serve in Together for Good, you will need to attend Foundational Volunteer Training. To learn more and sign up, follow this link:


Family Meeting

On September 25th there will be an all-church meeting. Members and regular attendees are welcome to participate in the church meeting. 


Intro to Apologetics

The goal of this class is to help Christians grow in their faith by introducing them to the field of apologetics. This is done by learning about the major schools of thought within apologetics and applying those schools to 4 major questions facing the Christian faith. 

2-hour classes from 6pm-8pm will occur on the following dates.



  • October 23rd
  • October 30th
  • November 6th
  • November 13th
 A sign-up link will be posted soon!


Cornfield Theology

Cornfield Theology ( is a resource for anyone who desires to learn more about theology and the Christian life. Our goal is to produce meaningful content that is biblical, relevant, and fosters ongoing discussions. The Cornfield Theology podcast is conversational and allows us to engage in a litany of topics. Our blogs offer a range of issues and book reviews. And our resource page is designed to be a place where you can find a trusted article, blog, or book about a specific topic.