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When to Leave Your Church

What are the good reasons to leave a local church? What are the bad reasons? When should you decide to leave your local church? This …

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Women Deacons?

Gracious, intelligent people from almost every tradition disagree on this topic. Does the Bible forbid, allow, or even encourage women to be deacons in the …

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Denominations: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

“Denominationalism is destroying the church,” one man remarked to us a couple of years ago. Is this true? What are the benefits of denominationalism? What …

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Civility in a Crooked Generation

Why can people, and even Christians, be so mean to one another? How can we deal with mean people? How can we be bold proponents …

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Expository Preaching for the Soul

Let’s talk about preaching. Preaching is a pastoral tool used to care for the souls of those in God’s flock. It’s important to let God …

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