All Christians are "prone to wander." So what does it mean for Christ to go after that one wandering sheep? Matthew 18:10-14 tells us the heart of our Savior to save and keep his sheep for all eternity.
One of the most beloved passages in the Bible is Matthew 11:25-30. Jesus says, "Come to me" if you want to find rest. In a world of weariness, we must learn the importance of rest.
The Jewish temple was a big deal. It is the place of worship for the Jews. You will see that Jesus calls himself the temple. And finally, the church - the New Testament people of God - is a temple. We do not need to go to a temple to worship, but we are called to worship God with our lives.


November 27, 2022
Beware of false prophets (and teachers)! In this sermon, warning signs are identified, and practical ways are given to ensure the local church leader does not become a false prophet and teacher.