Our Values

The values at Redemption Hill Church is an expression of what we believe. By the grace of God, every member and guest will regularly see these values demonstrated at Redemption Hill Church. While there are numerous values cherished at Redemption Hill Church, these values shape the identity of the church.

Expository Preaching

The Bible is God’s very words. Therefore, the Bible needs to be preached so that the meaning of the Bible is communicated to people. In short, the church needs to first and foremost hear from God. Expository Preaching is a form of preaching which allows for God’s Word to go forth, and the preacher is used by God to communicate the truth of the Bible.


Christian discipleship is a community effort. Discipleship is primarily expressed through our Community and Discipleship Groups. Discipleship at Redemption Hill Church also takes place by informal means: for example, when a father disciples his son, or an older woman has a cup of coffee with a younger woman. The purpose of discipleship is for brothers and sisters in Christ to walk with one another through the mundane, the memorable, and messiness of life with the goal of becoming more like Jesus. Regardless of whether it is a formal or an informal context, you will experience a culture of ongoing discipleship at Redemption Hill Church.

Outreach (Community and Global Outreach)

Outreach to our neighbors, the neglected, and the nations take on many forms at Redemption Hill Church. Outreach is essential because God is always on mission to see His elect sheep brought into the sheepfold. And it is the local church which God uses to declare and display the gospel. To our neighbors, we display biblical hospitality in our homes and during our regular gatherings. We are generous and compassionate to the neglected. And we desire to be active in seeing the gospel go to places where there is little gospel presence.


God wants his people to be praying, and Redemption Hill Church wants to be a praying people. Whether it is in a Sunday service, within the context of a Community or Discipleship Group, or during a conversation with a friend, we are willing and ready to pray.

Church Planting

Church planting is joining God in His unstoppable mission to mature and multiply disciples from every nation by the power of the gospel. The gospel is the good news that the Father sent Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to renew a fallen world for His glory. Through His life, death, and resurrection, Jesus secured the redemption of all God’s people, from all time, to dwell with Him forever. Jesus then commissioned His church to join Him in gathering His people by making disciples (Matthew 28:18–20). Redemption Hill Church is a church planting church, which means we are always considering what it means to raise up men who sense God’s calling to plant a church near or far.