Our Values

The values at Redemption Hill Church is an expression of what we believe. By the grace of God, every member and guest will regularly see these values demonstrated at Redemption Hill Church. While there are numerous values cherished at Redemption Hill Church, these values shape the identity of the church.

Connected to God – We sek to be connected with God through his scriptures, through worship, and through prayer. The scriptures are God’s primary way of revealing himself and communicating to his people. Worship is how we connect to God through song as he is worthy of our praise. Prayer is how we as God’s people interact with God directly as he hears our voice.

Connected to One Another – We connect with one another through fellowship and discipleship. Fellowship is cultivated as we share our lives and are transparent with one another. Discipleship happens as we seek to grow together in Christ-likeness by encouraging one another in holiness and devotion.

Connected to our Community – Being connected with the community means that as a church and as individuals we reach out to our community to meet physical and spiritual needs. We want to meet physical needs through acts of generosity/, mercy, and love. Spiritual needs are met through the Gospel, which is the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.